Although written words are not my usual choice of medium, all of us have a story to tell. I’ve always preferred the mediums of art, decor and fashion, simply because they are a statement all their own. The reactions those statements get or feelings they inspire are why I do what I do. With my camera, a pencil, or in a design program, time slows to a crawl; it’s a happy place where I create or capture every detail. I love to create in a way that expresses a feeling, shares a moment, or a profound message. My favourite part of any area of design is when I get to be part of the “Oh Wow” moment. There are many reactions to art & creative works but to me that moment provides the most reward.

Over the years, I’ve had many influences in my life and, at a young age, they were on the pages of comic books and seen in cartoons. Walt Disney, Stan Lee & Todd McFarlane created by drawing & using their creativity. Later on, the influences were more electronic in nature. People like George Lucas, Steve Jobs & the Pixar animation team fuelled my passion for animation and CGI, drawing me towards the digital arts sectors. I am passionate about art forms that allow self-expression. Being able to apply design programs to my art skill set has provided the foundation to a career in the field. I couldn’t say who or what influenced my photography passion, but learning the skills with dark rooms and film, set the stage for adding skills in fashion and art. With the introduction of digital cameras, my skills were given a new medium. Many teachers, local artists, and greats have played an important role in my desire to pursue a career in art.

Creative works aren’t always an easy career path. If I were to give advice to fellow creators, it would be, that if it is truly what you love to do, never stop learning or practicing your craft, and accept constructive criticism when and how it is provided.

To describe my artistic aesthetic, I would struggle to pin point just one aspect that defines my artistic expressive form. I tend to use many styles to achieve the desired outcome. My medium and subject play a big part in it, as well as my client’s and my own vision of what we want in the piece.

What Social Made Local means to me is that, while we all post to the “highlight reel” of social media, there’s a community right in front of us; we just have to connect with it. It's Insta Meetups and Events facilitate those moments that are worthy of sharing to our “highlight reel”. The Social Made Local brand, clothing line, & multi-media outlets connect us to that community bringing us together. Social Made Local’s impact gives the opportunity to learn and grow with like minded individuals, provide inspiration and hone skills in a diverse ever-growing industry.

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