I’ve always been fascinated by cameras, by the way, photographs tell a story. Through the lens of my parents Kodak I learned to stop and see the world. I live a fast-paced life, and that’s how I like it, but there is so much beauty that is missed in the hustle. For me, photography is a way to slow down and engage with reality on a more thoughtful level, to notice how the light hits the leaves or the goofy smile on a friend’s face. Photography was mindfulness before mindfulness was cool. Kahlil Gibran said “We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting,” and photography is the lens that slows me down to notice it.

Wherever I go I am taking pictures, with my camera or my phone. Many of these photographs I will never share, but the act of taking them fuels a sense of joy and perspective in my life. In this season of life, I’ve begun to share my passion with my partner, bringing both of our cameras to shoots with clients. This has definitely added something unique in terms of efficiency and versatility to our shoots.  

I’ve branded myself as a lifestyle photographer, and I appreciate the vagueness.  My style is undoubtedly eccentric, though I lean towards portraying people with warm and soft light and landscapes with vivid colours, especially blues. In everything, I try to find authentic beauty and to share that beauty through my work.  My photography is a reflection of the story of my life, the little moments, the big adventures. My approach to my clients is exactly the same, finding beauty at the moment and sharing it.

Whenever someone asks for photography advice, I tell them to have fun and play. Frequent joyful practice all the time, for no reason other than the enjoyment will bring far more growth than overwhelming attempts to memorize every setting. Technical knowledge will come. If you find it hard to go out alone, go with friends, or try a Social Made Local meetup. I appreciate the Social Made Local community as it is a place to make connections and learn from each member's unique style and experiences. No one has all the answers and we all see the world differently and through Social Made Local we share that with each other. I’ve learned something from everyone and have left each meetup energized and inspired. Recently, the cold has presented a challenge in getting my camera outside. Attending events like the meetups really help beat the freezing cold winter blues. Other creators that have recently inspired me are the local adventures of @karpanphotojourneys and @hiltzandrew and the exotic adventures of @talesbylight.

In conclusion, get outside and seek stories, beauty, and joy to share, use whatever tools you have; photography and social media simply being my favourite canvas.

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