My real reasoning for doing photography and videography is that it offers me an outlet in which I can express myself in a way that I can’t through any other medium. In the past, I’ve tried writing stories, I’ve tried writing some (really bad) songs, drawing, etc… But nothing really stood out to me. It wasn’t until I got my first camera and attended the Media School program at my school that I really started to think that this could be something really good for me as an outlet since I’ve always been more creative/artsy than book smart.

I’m sure you’ll have noticed my really super-duper extra as heck coloring and editing. Sometimes I’ll spend hours on one single photo. Anyways, my style can probably be summed up as dark, moody, vibrant or even cinematic at times.

I think I’ve been influenced a little bit by a whole bunch of creators (both big and small) rather than heavily influenced by one particular creator. I gotta give a shout to Peter McKinnon (obviously) who is probably in my top 5 list for influencers. I’ve drawn a fair bit from his editing/coloring style for sure, but then taking that and making it my own.

Another one, I’d have to say would be Daniel Schiffer. He is a creative genius when it comes to short, engaging content. As the saying goes, “less is more” and this is suuuuuper evident in Daniel Schiffer’s work. I personally have always been like “Now how much more can I fit into this video?” or even really wanting to use every shot that I’ve taken from a shoot. But Daniel’s work really helped me to realize that less is indeed more.

My main goal when I’m out shooting is working on the best way to capture the moment in what I’m shooting. I think the story starts with what or who you’re capturing and then trickles all the way down to the editing. The story is in the scene/person/thing you’re shooting, then you have another chance to mold the story in the way you edit and then again one last time in the way you color it (the most important part in my opinion). All these little elements come together to really craft the overall story that you are trying to portray.

Social Made Local is super dope in the way that it really brings people with similar interests together to hang out, make friends with each other, and build a community. The Insta Meetups are a great way for fellow photographers and video peeps to hang out and bond over something that we collectively have an interest in (whether it be a hobby or a passion or your business). Another thing is the way SML brings to light these “smaller” community events or smaller creators that get the chance to have their photo in the spotlight. Since I’ve started following SML I’ve seen some of these smaller events and photos posted that I don’t think I would have come across otherwise.

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