Life is Worth Living

Life is Worth Living

To be in someone’s presence where you feel seen, heard and valued can change your entire life. To be the person who holds space for someone to remember these things is a remarkable gift, and it can be a way you leave your mark on this world and on the people who surround you. When connections like this form, the impact is long-lasting and can serve as a reminder of how loved and valued we all are, especially when we experience dark days and challenging times. 

In today’s world, it is essential to reflect and be aware of those who impact our lives, especially those who truly make us feel so loved. These people reflect the mark someone can have on our life and the powerful connections we can create. They reflect how our presence matters, our expression matters, and how the way we show up in the world matters. It is through vulnerability that we can make these connections because in a moment of vulnerability, of struggle, or of joy and celebration, we can choose to be present with loving-kindness, compassion and equanimity to allow ourselves and others to feel seen, heard and valued. 

As content creators, we live in a state of creative expression in how we live our lives. Through creating and sharing, we have the unique opportunity to connect with so many people. With the content created, we hope the words resemble a tight embrace – one that you would give to someone who was struggling to make them feel less alone - an embrace that reminds that person how wonderful, vibrant, and profound they genuinely are. That they are so loved, and that their life is worth living.

By checking in with ourselves and others to see what makes life worth living, we begin a conversation - a conversation around our mental health and wellbeing, and how this influences every relationship in our life. This conversation opens us up like a butterfly and creates a ripple effect that goes far beyond what we can ever imagine. It is what is felt and remembered by others, and just like a butterfly, we have the ability to inspire, bring comfort, and a sense of peace to our relationship with ourselves and others.

Butterflies remind us that we are connected, and that the scenery of our lives is ever-changing; individually and collectively. A butterfly shows us that the process of change can lead to our transformation, authentic expression and evolution. A reminder of our inherent wholeness, just as we are. A reminder of how regardless of the time we spend on this earth, we all have a unique story, expression and sense of self to share with the world. That our expression and mere presence ripples out into the world. That we are all connected through love.

THE LOVED TEE is a collab with Life is Worth Living and Social Made Local, with a portion of the sales being donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association (Saskatoon).


Written by @lifeisworthlivingbck
Photos by @socialmadelocal @tylerbabiy
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