I picked up my camera in a totally unconventional almost accidental way. I needed a way to help provide for my family while still being able to take care of my family. For most people, that's a simple problem but for us not so much. My oldest daughter has autism which means taking her to appointments every day. What started out as a convenient job for our crazy schedule turned into something far greater.

I fell in love with photography because of my daughter. Those first weeks I practiced taking pictures of my kids. My daughter did not love looking at the camera and it was a bit of a challenge to capture the essence of her personality but eventually, we got there. It was such a gift to have those moments frozen in time for my husband and I.  Most people feel awkward talking to my daughter because she doesn’t necessarily look you in the eyes or talk about the classic socially acceptable topics. 

As I continued with photography capturing those little moments where you could see past what is expected of someone into who they really are became a passion for me. I’m not sure when it happens, but there is a switch that happens in all of us where we go from thinking we are absolutely awesome to somehow not being good enough. My daughter stands in front of the mirror twirling and swaying saying she is beautiful and I couldn’t agree more but some days I have trouble even looking in a mirror let alone feeling and believing I’m awesome. Sometimes with my camera, I can help someone do that again.

Tap into who they really are. Seeing someone in their full confidence feeling beautiful and worthy having their picture taken is such a wonderful gift for both of us. There is something so beautiful about a person owning who they are and bravely twirling in front of the camera, sharing those cuddles and kisses with their family, laughing until their ribs hurt, singing with all their heart, owning their body, ferocity, elegance, quirkiness…its all so beautiful and if I can capture that moment of truth and help someone feel as beautiful and lovely as they are, I will have done well! 

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  • Rosi

    Wonderful. Erin’s aunt from rural East Texas.

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