I see the world in pictures. Where most see a street, a face or a forest, I see entire worlds, places and times. I love to capture places and images and moments that transport me. Sometimes I see a tree in Fall and imagine I’m on another planet or a haze of clouds hangs over the Bess in the early morning and I’m transported to a fairytale land.  Photography allows me to travel to other worlds without ever needing mind altering substances or millions of dollars.

I am drawn to nature and it shows in my photos. I love to capture light and how it plays naturally and artificially. I also enjoy night-time and long-exposure shots. I seek out Christmas lights and anything that radiates warmth. So naturally I love bokeh. If you don’t know what that is, see my photo below.

Golden hour glory. This not only illustrates bokeh, but that timing is everything in photography, particularly when you work with natural light. Plus, Saskatoon is electric and highly photogenic. I fall in love with this city over and over every time I shoot.

I steer away from too much editing or filters. A notable exception is this photo of the Bessborough. I played up the blues and golds here and the result was like a fairytale book cover. I was surprised at the positive reaction from people – it was really encouraging and opened my eyes to what you can do with editing.

As for influences, I am enamoured with is @tinycactus. They take the most mundane things and create views where you least expect them. It just tickles me all over. I also love @jancrable. She lives in the mountains of Utah. Her shots are soft, dreamy and so full of hygge and nature. @kazumma527 takes long exposure shots, mainly at night, in Japan. They are ethereal, otherworldly dreamscapes and I always wonder how such beauty can even exist!

Photography gave me a voice that I felt was lost for a long time. It helps me grow creatively and provides me with an immense amount of calm (I have a lot of anxiety!). Social Made Local deserves a lot of credit for that love and calm I’ve found. It introduced me to some amazing photographers and cool locals and provides opportunity, experiences and a platform for exposure I would have been hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Social Made Local also gave me the courage to go out on my own and start photographing people! I love this one; their dog Mike stole the show.

I’m not one for regrets, but I do wish I bought a camera sooner. If you’re still using your iPhone, go get a camera and a prime lens. Take a class too, so you understand your camera. Shooting in manual is AMAZING! And come to a Social Made Local Insta Meetup! I always learn at least three new things.

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