What was your biggest lesson of 2021?

What was your biggest lesson of 2021?

As creators, we are constantly learning, and with another big year behind us, we wanted to know what some of our favourite collabs had to say on the topic. So here is a look at what a few of our models and creators took away from the last twelve months living life on planet earth.

Be adaptable.

“I think it would be out-of-touch to say that 2021 was an easy year for content creators. The landscape was constantly shifting with whatever new restrictions — and the absence thereof — were thrown our way, balancing genuine and engaging content with the social responsibility to take care of ourselves and of each other. We had to be adaptable. In that sense, what actually changed?

This year more than any other year, I learned again how adaptable and fluid I need to be in taking circumstance in stride, and using the power I have to cobble something inspiring. I learned to let go of insecurities and dive head first out of my comfort zone. The only thing I would change is to have done it so much more.” @gavtakespix

Say yes.

"My biggest lesson from 2021 is to say "Yes". When opportunity shows itself, take it. The long-term experience, connection, and gain FAR outweighs the short-term time/financial loss on the project. Take those pictures, make those videos, work hard, be kind, and opportunities will become abundant. SAY YES" @5chay

Explore emotions.

“My biggest lesson of 2021 as a creative has been to explore artistic avenues for which I have an affinity. In April I picked up a DSLR camera, took to the streets of Regina, and began to apply some learned skills. I played with my editing app to make photographs that portrayed my subjects in certain ways. With poetry, I started to explore emotions and topics I previously hadn’t and began to visually portray my poetry differently.

If I could do things differently, I would start earlier. I just think that the earlier one starts something, the more time they potentially have to be great at it.” @man.like.abass

Inspire others.

"What I have learned this past year is that there are no limits to myself. As someone who works as a life coach and future counsellor, I want to help people see themselves truly and fully and embrace who they are both internally and physically. It's not easy being in a bigger body sometimes. However, when I decide to embrace it, I can help show and inspire others to do the same. Working with SML on the Love Your Body campaign allowed me to activate my passion for creating and expressing my beauty through this avenue." @lauraamadacoaching

Stop waiting.

“2021 taught me that as a creator, I am allowed to be the subject of my creations. I used to think I could only be behind the camera, but I got tired of waiting for someone to be my subject. I am allowed to create beautiful things and be viewed as such. I want people to view all my creations as art and create a story from that, put the fact it’s me aside and view the piece I am presenting. If I could do anything differently, I would go back and tell myself to stop waiting and start creating.” @synonymous_with

Embrace imperfections.

“In pursuit of perfection, the fear of making mistakes was the strongest force holding me back in 2021. Those feelings often left me stagnant when deciding whether or not to move forward with a project. Learning to embrace the imperfections in my work is ultimately what makes them unique and personal to me. Through that process, I started making art more for myself, less concerned with impressing others and finding genuine happiness in what I do every day. Given the chance, I would approach all my creative endeavours with the same confidence I do now, regardless of the outcome.” @hunterbrookss

Engage people.

“The biggest lesson I've learnt this year builds off the past 20 months that we've had. The production value of your content does not matter in the post-2020 covid era. The settings around you do not matter; the camera lens you are using doesn't matter; polishing the content to have a 'professional' feel is no longer a barrier to entry. The creative control got decentralized with the introduction of social media, and the emergence of 'influencers' led to a creator economy. Which further boomed during the pandemic.

It's never too late to start. Engage with people/brands that align with your values as an individual. And, if you have been contemplating taking that first step, NOW is the time.” @sumitmunjall

Be humble.

“2021 has taught me a fair bit - but there’s one lesson that sticks out. I always felt jealousy when looking at others’ work - constantly getting imposter syndrome and wishing I was better. This year, my goal was to be more humble in my creativity - focusing more on myself and my craft, trying only to better my last shoot, or my last edit, not to be like someone else. Changing my mindset allowed me to see other creatives’ work in a different way, taking away pieces that I loved, and using them as inspiration for my own work, versus feeling worse than them.

If I could do things differently, I would have started thinking this way sooner - it’s made my creative process so much easier and so much more fun, as well as allowing me to really connect with other creatives.” @bxnjimov

Create community.

“The phrase "take it easy" was the furthest from my mind in 2021. After churning out content throughout the pandemic, in hopes to quench the panic of irrelevance, I finally decided to breathe and enjoy the fruit of my labour in September. The biggest lesson of 2021 is that I'm not alone in the creative community. There are people that want to support my vision, and who I would break heaven to support theirs. The foundation I craved in my creative journey was a "community", and once I allowed myself to settle, to thoroughly enjoy the journey of being an artist, I met people!

If I could do 2021 all over again, I would create more community projects that involved creatives from all over. Who knows, there could be an overstressed, overworked, underrepresented artist, waiting for me to say hi!” @s.ole.peace

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Social Made Local brand this year. We are just a little t-shirt company doing our best to inspire creators to make our world a better place. We appreciate you more than you know. If you want to connect with us, head over to our community page to learn more.

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    This was an inspiring blog! Thank you for sharing their words.

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