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Everything we design is made for creators. It's based on the ups and downs we all go through as creative people. We wanted to build a brand that reflected the values of excellence in content creation—a space where anyone could join the conversation without judgement. A place where we understand the influence of our words and images, choosing to create a brighter future. Read more...

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Our brand is built on the idea that everyone has something special to share. We believe that by promoting diversity, we can create a more connected and understanding world.

Absolutely love this tee! It’s the perfect everyday fit and every time I wear it I get asked about the design. SML continues to nail it! Can’t wait to see what’s next!


Ladysmith, BC

Super comfy fit. Such an awesome logo and a extremely comfy T Shirt. I get a lot of compliments on it as well. 😊


Edmonton, AB

I find myself throwing this shirt on every time I go out. The unique design always gets compliments and I love the way it fits compared to my other tees.


Saskatoon, SK

Incredible customer service & a killer PRIDE tshirt! Will deffo buy again!


Saskatoon, SK

More than a t-shirt. Represents an important cause.


Saskatoon, SK

As a photographer, I really resonate with this tee in the way that I create content! Basically wear this at least once a week because I love the message it represents so much.


Winnipeg, MB

Love this tee the colour is vibrant and the print for the design is great! Also it's extremely comfy.


Edmonton, AB

Great T! I love it. I’m an artist and spend most of my time in my studio alone so the anti-social text is perfect and a good descriptor. I love high contrast so the black and white works well for me. I ordered a medium and it fits like a glove.


Saskatoon, SK