our story

behind the brand

We are creators.

Social Made Local started in 2018 as a response to what I saw in the content creator space. I was really inspired by the different kinds of people telling their stories. As someone who grew up queer in the '90s, I didn't have access to many resources to find other people like myself. So, I deeply value the power of representation, visibility and belonging. I know how important it is that everyone be able to share their unique life experience and connect with others.

We wanted to build a brand that reflected the values of excellence in content creation—a space where anyone could join the conversation without judgement. A place where we understand the influence of our words and images, choosing to create a brighter future.

Our apparel is local.

Everything we design is made for creators. It's based on the ups and downs we all go through as creative people. We work with designers across Canada to bring unique voices to our apparel and in-house artwork. Our clothing is designed to be worn by everybody. The fits, graphics and colours are all size and gender inclusive.

We are committed to printing on garments that are eco-friendly and sustainably made. Everything we print on is made in Canada or the US. We partner with multiple small printshops across Western Canada using only the most inventive silk screeners. With their help we are transitioning to water based inks on all of our garments.

Although we follow trends, our apparel is created as a capsule collection. The SML Collection is intended to be with you season after season, printed on high-quality garments with timeless designs.

Community is everything.

Getting into photography and content creation can be intimidating. Sometimes it feels like we will never be good enough, but the truth is everyone starts somewhere. We encourage people to begin where they are through our Insta Meetups, Photo Challenges and Creator Collabs.

We donate 5% of our sales back to Canadian charities that align with our values of empowering individuals to share their truth, especially those in the creative and queer community.

The content that we make is changing the world. The stories we share are shaping our communities. The future is in our hands, and we cannot wait to see the beauty you all create.

Much appreciation,

Tyler (he/they)