We Are Creators

Social Made Local is inspired by all the deeply imaginative folks telling their stories through content creation, people like you. Growing up queer in the prairies, there were limited resources to connect with like-minded peers. So, we sincerely value the power of representation, visibility and belonging.

We do not accept elitism. Social Made Local reflects the values of excellence in creativity without ego. Our community aims to build each other up because we understand the influence of our words. We choose to create a brighter future through kindness and inclusion.

Inclusive Apparel

We are a proud queer-owned business based in Saskatoon, SK. Everything we design is made for creators and inspired by the ups and downs we all go through as creative people. We collaborate with diverse illustrators across Canada to bring unique voices to our apparel and artwork. Our clothing is always gender inclusive by design because we believe in the right to live our most authentic life.

We are committed to printing on garments that are WRAP Certified, eco-friendly, and ethically sourced. We partner with small print shops and Print On Demand companies to minimize waste while offering the best quality apparel. We currently print all our products using non-toxic water-based vegan inks.

The SML Collection is intended to go with you on all your creative adventures through every season. With proper care, we hope these designs can be part of your t-shirt collection for a long time.

Our Community

Getting into photography and content creation can be intimidating. Sometimes it feels like we will never be good enough, but the truth is everyone starts somewhere. We encourage people to begin where they are through our Insta Meetups and Photo Features.

We donate part of our sales back to Canadian charities that align with our values of empowering individuals to share their truth, especially those in the creative and queer community.

The content that we make is changing the world. The stories we share are shaping our communities. The future is in our hands, and we cannot wait to see the beauty you all create.

Meet Tyler

I'm the founder of Social Made Local. As a queer content creator the SML brand perfectly combines my love of apparel, vintage photography and building inclusive spaces. I appreciate every one of our customers, collaborators and models. Your support truly means the world to us!