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Edmonton, AB

@venizon.photography wanted explore the cycle of nature and versatility of life with his campaign.

Florida, USA

@5chay wanted to show off what life is truly like for a content creator and all of their many talents.

Vancouver, BC

@tj_5ingh_ was thinking about a rugged look, trying to capture the calm in the storm in the city life.

St. John's, NB

@mathieusavidant wanted to explore the old architecture in Saint John, NB with many brick buildings being up to 200+ years old.

Vancouver, BC

@o.m.chn wanted a street wear/grunge look, dark colours, with one pop of colour from the outfit , makeup, or things you see in the city.

Victoria, BC

@bmr.pix wanted to capture the moody urban street vibes of downtown Victoria and explore digital community.

Montreal, QC

@deadshotkb wanted to show how isolation can be experienced in public spaces while using the theme of vintage cameras.

Regina, SK

@rick.the.photographer wanted to explore the more melancholy side of photography while creating a cinematic experience.

Calgary, AB

@emmeiling wanted to explore friendships and being together with the people who brighten our day. 

Calgary, AB

@dallinn wanted to explore all the amazing experiences you have when you get lost in the rockies with your friends.

Saskatoon, SK

@kansereeuhn wanted to explore LGBTQ+ allies and diversity set against the downtown lifestyle and street art.

Calgary, AB

@cassidy.unholzer wanted to focus on telling a story about life in the City of Calgary through photographs.

Victoria, BC

@marianajphotos wanted to create an overall theme that was extremely cheery, bright and colourful. 

Toronto, ON

@t_photofactory wanted to create a campaign that explored the topic of diversity and representation.

Climax, SK

@kelbycoburn wanted to show the southwest side of Saskatchewan and show that there’s more to the prairies than people expect.

Winnipeg, MB

@davemac.jpg wanted to find the beauty in what is around you and appreciating our unique individuality.

Saskatoon, SK

@gavtakespix wanted to explore digital connectivity, and when it's a good idea to disconnect.