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Shoot Our Next Campaign (SONC) Program

Our brand is built on community, and we want you to create content for Social Made Local. Share your themes, creativity and joy with us. We will provide the apparel, and you make it happen. Submit your application here

Calgary, AB

@cassidyy_unholzer wanted to focus on telling a story about life in the City of Calgary through photographs.

Victoria, BC

@marianajphotos wanted to create an overall theme that was extremely cheery, bright and colourful. 

Toronto, ON

@t_photofactory wanted to create a campaign that explored the topic of diversity and representation.

Climax, SK

@kelbycoburn wanted to show the southwest side of Saskatchewan and show that there’s more to the prairies than people expect.

Winnipeg, MB

@davemac.jpg wanted to find the beauty in what is around you and appreciating our unique individuality.

Saskatoon, SK

@photosbygavin wanted to explore digital connectivity, and when it's a good idea to disconnect.

Calgary, AB

@kazuki.tomoda wanted to explore what supporting local meant during the pandemic and took a quick trip to the moiuntsains. 

Calgary, AB

@dallinn wanted to explore all the amazing experiences you have when you get lost in the rockies with your friends.

Calgary, AB

@ben.conley wanted to show off  Calgary and take away from the idea that you need to travel abroad to experience something cool.