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Victoria, BC

Living in Victoria also gives us a lot of gorgeous scenery to connect with and both of these themes paired together would really push the idea of beauty love acceptance of ourselves as part of nature.


Vancouver, BC

I would love to make some street type of photography with mix of modern and vintage type, mostly streets in downtown Vancouver.


Winnipeg, MB

Would either go for an Urban/Street wear vibe, or I would go for a comfy "Stay at home" vibe.


Edmonton, AB

I want to capture my model as a refreshing youthful character who defies societal norms, while integrating an organic nature look to compliment the contrasting architecture.


Vancouver, BC

I want to trust my intuition and photographic eye to get the best images possible. I want to go for a Pacific Northwest vibe white crisp and clear images that convey a story.


Victoria, BC

It’s a more moody vibe, with many diffused shadows, but also contrasting with beauty lighting the model to show off the more “fun” shirts you have to offer.


Vancouver, BC

Dark moody style background except for the product, which will go great if the product has bright colours that pops out.


Saint John, NB

I'd like to explore the old architecture in Saint John, NB. Most of our brick buildings in Uptown are 200+ years old and built after the Great Fire of 1877.


Vancouver, BC

I'm looking to get a street wear/grunge look, dark colours, with one pop of colour, either blue, green or red. Can be from the outfit colour, makeup, things you see in the city.


Victoria, BC

Urban moody street vibe in downtown Victoria. Using another model and myself. I want to capture the beauty of the city.


Montreal, QC

Urban setting, well lit with shadows on the harsh side, subject will be alone, possibility in the act of doing photography with vintage cameras.


Regina, SK

The theme of adventuring alone. Everyone’s got a story, and I think adventuring alone is one of the best ways to find that story.


Calgary, AB

The theme I want to explore is the feeling of being at home and nostalgic. I chose a neighbourhood to really embrace the theme of comfort.


Calgary, AB

I would wear your apparel as I embark on my regular adventures into the Rocky Mountains. I would showcase the adventure through storytelling always showcasing the product as well.


Saskatoon, SK

Diverse cast documenting anyone can wear this brand. I'm imaging bright coloured walls, vintage stair cases, and sequenced coloured light to dark on each model. Very editorial.