Instagrammable YXE

Instagrammable YXE

Every time I travel, one of the first things I do is look up where the best places are for photographs. I make it a point to visit a few on each trip. So here is a list of the most Instagrammable locations in my hometown of Saskatoon, SK. I have shot in these spots over the past few years and love to revisit them over and over. Make sure to tap each photo for a map of the location. Let's go!

River Landing

Easily the location with the most diverse backgrounds and points of interest would be River Landing. You can start at K.W. Nassar Plaza for some super clean shots, which are helped a lot by the fact the buildings bounce the light around, creating a near-perfect setup every time. Nearby, you can visit The Shoppe for some Instagram-worthy sweet shots, the Alt Hotel for a chic vibe, and the Remai Modern for a world-class experience. 


Saskatoon is the city of bridges, literally. You can find them all along the river valley, each with its own unique flavour. The Circle Drive North Bridge is one of my favourites and connects to the scenic Sutherland Dog Park. Many bridges are just as enjoyable to shoot above as they are below. Under many of the bridges, you can find fascinating architectural elements and incredible murals.


Over the past few years, our city has been elevated with fantastic work by local artists. The murals that have popped up create such beauty in our communities and look incredible in photos. SCYAP is one of our favourite organizations and is responsible for many murals in the city. You can also check out murals from artists like Lesia Dawn, who designed our Loved Tee, and Josh Jacobsonwho has art all over Saskatoon. 


The University of Saskatchewan has a lot to explore. The campus has many historical buildings that are great for interior and exterior photos. The green space is also quite expansive, and if you head down to the riverbank, you can get amazing shots of the Train Bridge and downtown.


You cannot make a blog about great photo spots without mentioning The Bessborough. The castle on the river was built in 1930 and truly defined the Saskatoon skyline. This gem has no bad angles from up close or a wide shot across the river from the Broadway district. From the hotel, you are centrally located to explore all of DTNYXE and the lush Meewasin trails.

That's a wrap on my favourite places to take photos. I hope that inspired you to get out there and snap some images of our gorgeous city. Think we missed a spot? Please share it in the comments below. Have fun, be kind and stay creative!


Photos and Blog by Tyler (he/they)

Model Abdul (he/him) from Stray

Later Club Tee by Social Made Local

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